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My car is a 2000. I had catalytic converter, O2 sensors, timing belt and air bypass valve and gasket changed last May by Mazda in Brooklyn in order to pass an inspection. ($2689) I took my car back this month (less than 7000 miles later) and now they claim that car needs an intake manifold, plenham valve, intake valve, o2 sensors again! and intake gaskets due to oil leaking from vacuum lines.($1700) How can this be? I drive this car strictly on weekends only. Can you give me advice on what I should ask them?

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Lori Johnson, Owner and Instructor at Ladies Start Your Engines Dear Patricia, Do you have a check engine light on now? If all of these things need replacing I would think that a code is being set, otherwise what is making them think all these things are wrong. Catalytic converters rarely go bad. I have had mine for 19 years with no problems. Usually one of two things happens. They either get damaged because you run over something that hits it, or unburned fuel is being sent into the converter where it then burns (which it shouldn't) and damages the honeycomb design inside. It sounds like this vehicle either has a lot of problems, or you need to take it somewhere else. An 02 sensor can last for 100,000 miles. If yours it bad already, then they didn't fix the original problem that caused it to go bad. When technicians don't understand what's wrong and they start putting parts in, it only costs you money. My suggestion is to get a second opinion. Hope this helps. Lori Johnson

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