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98 Jeep Grd Cherk Ltd, after I\'ve turned the ignition off and go to my porch, I can see my jeep, jerk...and will jerk at 44 second intervals; or 23 second intervals; or 9 second intervals. (The jerk, months later the motor seized, and motor replaced, the jerk is still there). The motor seized. Was replaced. The jeep still jerks at random intervals. Phoned chryslers and they think maybe it might be that I have one-ill-sized tire. But all tires match. Chry suggesting that an ill-sized tire causes the transfer case to want to make up/or adjust, thus causing a Jeep to jerk at intervals. Is there another possibility causing the jerk? Secondly, once seized, the tow truck lifted the rear of my all-time 4wd Jeep,pulled it about 4 feet, on a sandy driveway; once the tires hit pavement/as the tow truck was making its left hand turn onto the road, both Jeep tires seized/tow truck continued pulling/Jeep tires leaving black marks on the pavement 8-10 feet. My front tires all but turned sideways while laying those black marks. Q: What damage should I be looking for...because he got back into the jeep, giggled something,he back to the tow truck then pulled the Jeep a few more feet, and the front tires locked up again. I screamed again frantically and reached into the jeep to get the manual....trying to find towing instructions, while he was trying yet another way to hook the jeep so that it could be towed. 3) He said this Justin motor would be better than new. He said, Justins will take the old motor and try and figure out what caused it to blow/seize. After an allotted amt of time, I call to ask my mechanic if Justins had ever gotten back to him about what caused it to seize, and he said, \'well, they dont exactly do that\'....(my mind was fuming)(because thats the biggest part of why I agreed to get a motor from Justins cause my mechanic said Justins would try to figure out what caused it to seize). After repeated visits trying to get the check engine light to go out, replacing those muffler sensors, it is a year later only to find that twice he had fouled the manifold gaskets. Check engine light is still coming on, and it smells kind of gassy when ya start it. 1) My jeep jerks, how come? 2) Damage to front end from improper towing (front wheels) being pulled backwards and sideways? 3) Justin motors would tell me what cause the motor to sieze? =My mechanic lied. point blank and flat out lied. 4) Went back repeatedly for check engine light 5) Went back repeatedly for radiator leaks from screws undertighten 6) he let my battery run down dead as a door nail 7) still radiator was leaking 8) the snow blizzard day I drove, my jeep stalled, would not restart. Stranded on the middle of a residential street, wind blowing 50 mph, ice cold. Savior, got battery jumped and battery died in my driveway. Replaced the battery with less cranking amps because thats all they had available. 9) I go complain an exhaust leak; he says he fixes. But on the way home it doesnt sound 'fixed'. 10) I take it to muffler man, and they say the gasket is off on the front drivers port. 11) I take it back to mechanic, he replaces the gasket. Get home, and the check engine light comes on. 12) I take my Jeep to the Jeep Dealer, so he can see the 'jerk'. The jeep wouldnt jerk. 2 more times, it wouldnt jerk. The dealership closes, the jeep jerked. growl/growl. Meantime, I suppose I will have to look for somebody who might want to exchange wheels and tires for a day to see if the jerk is 'tire' related or not. My brother guarantees me that nobody will temporarily exchange my 4 wheel/tire units, for their 4 wheel/tire units. I dont know how else to test to see if the jerk is because of tire size. Oh, did I mention, I am about 650 miles from home. Any ideas or comments are always welcome. Thanks for listening.

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Lori Johnson, Owner and Instructor at Ladies Start Your Engines Dear Nona, First of all it sounds like you need to find a new technician to work on your vehicle. When technicians start guessing, it only costs you money. I'm not sure what you mean by "jerking" or how this could be happening when you aren't even in the vehicle. If you're feeling a grabbing when you drive there may be a problem with the transmission or the transfer case for the 4WD. Most towing places know that 4WD vehicles should be towed on a flatbed truck, meaning that all 4 wheels are off the ground. Trying to drag the vehicle was not good at all for the jeep. It is very possible that transmission damage can accure. Without looking at the vehicle I would not be able to diagnose what's going on with it. But know this, if the dealership can't get the problem to occur, it's very hard to fix. I know this is frustrating for you, but they must be able to see the problem in order to diagnose it. I would ask around to see if your friends or co-workers take their vehicles someplace that they trust. You may need to find a reliable Jeep dealer to handle these problems. Look on and see if there is a "Female Friendly" dealership near you. It may help if you feel more comfortable with the shop you're working with. Hope this helps. Lori Johnson

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