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I have a rather large question: If I want to sell my car private party, how do I turn over the title? What do I have to do once I get the cash in hand? I sign over the pink slip? Then I do what at the DMV? I live in California. Also, I am considering buying a vehicle from out of state from one of your Female Friendly dealers instead of one near me. The dealer is in Colorado. What kind of issues will I run into doing that? Will I have to pay hefty taxes? What about shipping or trading it here? Can dealers just trade it on their own?

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Amy Mattinat, Owner and Author at Auto Craftsmen Ltd Hi Bree, Every state has their own laws, so it would be to your best interest to call the California Department of Motor Vehicles to find out the answer to your questions about selling a car and you could also ask them about buying a car from out of state. In Vermont: if I am selling a car privately I could write the buyer a bill of sales (including buyers and sellers name and address, date of sale, year/make/model of vehicle, mileage and how much it sold for) when they gave me the money (a bank check is the safest way to collect your money) and then on the back of the title there is a line for the new buyer to fill out and a line for you / the seller to fill out. If the new owner takes these two papers to the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles they can then register the car in their name. There are also forms you can get from the DMV, but a hand written form works here in Vermont. Hopes this helps, Amy Mattinat

Burnam Eubank, Dealer Principle at Palmetto Jaguar If your car is paid for then it ought to be pretty simple. Sign your title as the seller and get buyer to sign as the signatures...then the new owner should go to the DMV and get it registered in his or her name. You should make a copy of the front and the back of the title for your records so that you could prove that you have sold the car on this date. (in case anyone says you owe taxes on vehicle etc.) I don't know about the pink slip...I'm not a California dealer. If you purchase a new vehicle in Colorado and register it in California you will owe California sales tax.

Heather Conary, Founding Partner  at ID Communications, a division of Illumination Design If you sell your car private party, the documents needed vary from state to state. Your state's Department of Motor Vehicles will usually tell you if you call or visit their website. I checked online and I came up with this document (directly from the California DMV) about buying and selling a vehicle: I also found this information which is specific to purchasing a vehicle out-of-state when you live in California: Good luck!

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