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Hello! I need a set of new battery cables (which I am assuming I can purchase from Auto Zone?) can I install them myself or does this need to be done by a mechanic and will they do it if you bring them the cables? Also how could I locate a general class in my area on such things as changing oil, plugs, etc. just getting to know your vehicle? Since a car is something you deal with virtually your whole life I finally wised up and realized I should be more knowledgeable about them! Thanks!

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Lori Johnson, Owner and Instructor at Ladies Start Your Engines Dear Gina, You should be able to find battery cables from an automotive store. Whether you can do the work would depend on your experience. You need to have the right tools and be able to get to the areas where the cables attach to the body and the starter. If you feel confident doing this, then by all means replace the cables yourself. Keep in mind that you should always disconnect the negative cable before the positive and put the positive on first when replacing them. If you decide that this is more that you can do, then find a certified shop to do the work. You can try asking if they'll do the work if you bring the cables, but most places want to get their own parts. This way they know that they have the right part. But you can ask. As for finding a class...check out the adult education classes offered by the local high school, college or other education facilities. They often have some type of light maintenance class available. If you live near the Philadelphia area check out my website, I teach classes for women. Good luck. Lori Johnson

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