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I backed my car into my roommate's 2002 Chevrolet Malibu. It was on a steep incline (in which I couldn't even see her car in my rearview mirror!), and the bottom of my rear bumper dented in the front of her hood. Her boyfriend "fixed" it by using needlenose pliers to bend it back into place, leaving indentations all over the front from the pliers, and the hood still not fixed. So now they took it into an auto shop who said the hood must be replaced (along with removal of all the front fenders to blend paint with the new hood) coming to a total of $1320. My question is- if he hadn't "fixed" it himself, and just taken it into the shop right after the incident occured, would the dent have been able to be repaired without actually replacing the entire hood? I am willing to pay for damage I did, but not for damage her boyfriend did!

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Dana Schaeffer, Director of Business Development  at Chop Shop Customs Hi Jessie. Its hard to say. Collision damage repair isnt cheap- even a small scratch or 'ding' can run you over $500 these days. I would suggest having her bring the car to a second shop for a second estimate. An insurance company requires two estimates to compare prices and you probably would feel more comfortable seeing what a second shop says. Unfortunately, there really isn't a way to see what was 'his' damage as opposed the damage done by your vehicle unless you have pictures to compare - the auto body shop will just be basing their reapir estimate on the damage they see. Good luck.

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