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My \*99 Audi Avant A4 Quattro needs its 90,000 mi. service at the cost of $2,200, in addition to about $600 worth of repairs to a tie end (there\*s a pronounced noise when the wheels turn). My question is: Is it worth putting so much money into a 1999 Audi? My son could use the car, but I wonder if the car\*s age makes it likely that many more expensive repairs await us shortly down the road. Thank you!

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Amy Mattinat, Owner and Author at Auto Craftsmen Ltd Dear Cheryl, When an automobile reaches around 90,000 miles, you need to make the decision to invest some money in to be able to drive another 90,000 miles, or trade it in for a new vehicle or a newer vehicle. It will need some major service and some minor repairs around this mileage. There will always be more repairs down the road. That is the nature of owning an older vehicle. But, it can be more economical to keep repairing and doing the service work on an old vehicle then paying car payments on a new one. But, this all depends on the condition of the vehicle. I would ask your mechanic their opinion. Is this vehicle worth putting all this work into? Does it have a solid frame, meaning No Rust? If you do all the service work and repairs will it be dependable for another 2-3 years? Best of Luck, Amy Mattinat

Amy Plant-Lowe, Owner at Plant's Auto Service Cheryl, This does seem like an awful lot of money. My questions to you are: 1. Has the vehicle been maintained prior to the 90k mileage service? 2. Do you like the car and is it meeting your needs? 3. Can you replace it for less than $2800? If the first two answers are yes (I know the answer to 3.) then I would say it is worth it. My rule of thumb is that a car with over 60,000 miles will most likely cost on average $1300-$1500 in maintenance per year, which is well below what a car payment is and you lose 5 times that in depreciation when you buy a new car. $2800.00 is more than $1500.00, but you have to average it out. What did you spend last year on car maintenance? Is it likely that you will spend that much next year. Ask your mechanic if he believes the car is in sound condition. Remember, most modern vehicles (if maintained properly) will go well into the 200,000 mile range, so you really have a long way to go. Good luck, and thanks for asking

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