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My daughter is trying to buy a vw beetle. we have a dealer that quoted her a payment of 250 per month based on a price of 16,500. He then lowered the price to internet price of 12,495. but is asking the same payment. Is this normal.

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Jenny Trostel, Partner at Anderson of Hunt Valley No, it is not normal. They are trying to take advantage of her. If the sale price changes then the monthly payment shoud change too. Is she putting any money down. What is her credit score? What is the interest rate that they are charging on the loan. Have your daughter listen to the Womanar about buying a car on before she makes the deal. She needs to take her time to get the right deal. Good Luck!

Marnie Kramer, Owner and Creator at No, that is not. Make sure you are looking at the same variables. Verify that the loan term and interest rate have not changed. Once you are comparing Apples to Apples this should aid in your buying decision.

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