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Ok I took my 05 Scion TC to the dealer to have him see why my check engine light was on..he said he did a diagnostic test and found code P0171 ..he said the reason was because i was missing my air filter and my Surge Tank...what is a Surge Tank???...i have had the car for 9 months and bought it from the dealer. the same one i took it too get looked at...I dont know what i should do they say i will have to buy one to get the light to go off and i dont think anyone stole it so why wouldnt the light come on sooner..if it was missing it when i bought it i think they should have to pay for it...but anyways What is this Surge Tank so i can look to see if it is there...Thank You

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Lori Johnson, Owner and Instructor at Ladies Start Your Engines Dear Brandy, I believe the "Surge Tank" they're talking about is the coolant over flow bottle. It can usually be found on the front of the engine near the radiator. There should be a hose connecting it to the radiator. It will just be a plastic bottle. I would definitely find out why they're missing. These are not things that you would remove yourself, and I'm surprised that they thought you might. I would make sure that you let them know that you bought the vehicle there and see if they will replace the missing parts. You can purchase the air filter and intall it yourself, and you may be able to do the surge tank as well. But the bigger concern is how it went missing. Lori Johnson

Amy Mattinat, Owner and Author at Auto Craftsmen Ltd ...

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