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I have a '79' Mercedes (turbo/diesel). Something keeps draining juice from the battery & the battery is not the problem. Thought it was the interior light fuse...when taking the fuse out, it seemed okay at first. But this was temporary. The alternator has been replaced. I'm assuming it's electrical & don't know where to start. Any other ideas what/where it could be?

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Patty Streeter,  at Claudia, The best way to find a drain on the battery is to disconnect the negative battery terminal and connect the positive lead of an amp meter to the negative battery cable and the negative lead of the amp meter to the negative battery terminal, and then see how much draw there actually is. Then begin removing fuses one at a time until the draw is eliminated. at this point you will need a wiring diagram to determine what circuits this fuse powers. Check and test each item the circuit power until you find the problem. If you are uncomfortable doing this yourself, I suggest you take your car to your local authorized dealership or to an ASE certified technician. You can find a certified tech near you by searching here: Good Luck

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