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I bought a 07 VW Rabbit; it's a nice car with about 1k miles, however, the crazy thing gets about 23 MPG. When I drive 40 mph I put it in 5th to lower the RPMs. Do you have any idea about how to get better MPG? I really try to follow Amy's advice. Would a K & N filter help?

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Patty Streeter,  at According to the EPA, the Rabbit will receive 22-MPG in the city and 30-MPG on the highway: or just about the worst fuel economy you will receive in this class vehicle if you are getting 23 MPG you are doing well. Here are some tips to help: Get More Mileage Out of Your Tank Getting more mileage out of your tank makes sense not only for your pocket; it also puts less strain on the earth’s natural oil reserves. Follow our FuelStretch 10-step program and it could help save you fuel. 1. Drive smoothly - Aggressive driving can use as much as a third more fuel than safe driving*. Avoid accelerating or braking too hard and try to keep your steering as smooth as possible. 2. Use higher gears - The higher gear you drive in the lower your engine speed is, which can improve fuel efficiency. So change up a gear whenever you can, without stressing the engine. 3. Tune and service your engine - A well tuned engine can improve fuel economy by up to 4%**, so change your oil and follow your car manufacturer’s recommendation on servicing. 4. Keep your tires at the right pressure – Correctly inflated tires are safer and last longer. A tire that is under inflated by just 1psi can reduce fuel efficiency by as much as 3%**. An under or over inflated tire is also more susceptible to failing. 5. Avoid carrying excess weight – For every extra 100 lbs (45 kg) you carry your fuel efficiency can drop by 1-2%*. So keep your trunk or back seat clear of unnecessary items that just add weight to your vehicle. 6. Keep the windows closed - Wind blowing through an open window will slow you down. To compensate, you may put your foot down harder, using more fuel. 7. Take the roof rack off - If you’re not using your roof rack then remove it. They affect the aerodynamic efficiency of your vehicle and create drag, reducing fuel economy by as much as 5%*. 8. Use the correct oil - Always use the recommended grade of motor oil. Using the manufacturer’s recommended lubricant can improve fuel efficiency by 1-2%**. Higher quality motor oils can also help your engine operate more efficiently. 9. Use cruise control - Using cruise control on major roads helps you maintain a constant speed and, in many cases, will improve fuel consumption. 10. Avoid excess idling - Idling gets you nowhere but still burns fuel. Turn the engine off when you’re in a line, or waiting for someone, until you need it. *Estimates for fuel savings from sensible driving are based on studies and literature reviews performed by Energy and Environmental Analysis, Inc., Washington, DC. **Estimates for fuel savings from vehicle maintenance, keeping tires properly inflated, and using the recommended grade of motor oil are based on studies and literature reviews performed by Energy and Environmental Analysis, Inc., Washington, DC. Assumes fuel price of $3.07 per gallon.

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