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I have a 99 porsche to sell and I know nothing about it. Where is the best place to sell it to get the most money? Is there a special auto trader just for sports cars? I am in Southern California and any advice would be helpful because I really need money!

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Patty Streeter,  at Listing your car for sale on websites like give you a wider audience of shoppers and allow you to price your car more competitively. When you log on to the site, pretend you are searching for a 1999 Porsche in your zip code, and then look at how many are available, and what they are priced at in your particular area to determine your price point. For example, I searched for a '99 Porsche, ALL models and found within 25 miles of a Los Angeles zip code there are 53 listed and within 25 miles within a San Francisco zip code there are 13. In both areas the average asking price is around $26,000. Because there are fewer listed in SF, if your car is in good/excellent condition, was taken for a maintenance check yearly, or has other unique qualities to point out, you can try an asking price higher than the average. When posting an ad, be sure to identify its condition, as well as any other differentiating factors that will help more shoppers click on your car. If you conduct a similar search identifying your vehicle's model, you can easily find how many cars like yours are for sale in your area, and price your car appropriately based on the demand. For more information, go to's Research and Compare section (link to: and learn more about How To Sell Your Car, and more specifically, setting a competitive price, getting your car ready, how to advertise your car and how to close the deal.

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