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95 grand am. last couple of weeks i seem to have a problem starting the car. I have to bump down the gas pedal three or four times maybe more before it starts. can you help.

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Lori Johnson, Owner and Instructor at Ladies Start Your Engines Dear Markus, You really shouldn't be pumping the gas pedal on a fuel injected vehicle. Because everything is computerized now, your pumping the gas will only throw off the computer as to how much gas is going to the engine. If the vehicle is turning over but not starting, then you should try having your fuel pressure checked, or make sure there is spark getting to all the cylinders. As you know, an engine needs air, fuel and spark to run. If any of these are lacking the vehicle will not run. You need to make sure that all these systems are working. I would suggest taking it to an authorized dealer or to an ASE certified technician... which you can find here: Lori

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