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Dear patty .I am thinking of buying a subaru imprezaWRX.Do I have to use premium gas,as they advise.Are the cars dependable

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Amy Mattinat, Owner and Author at Auto Craftsmen Ltd Hi Betsy, What a fun car to drive. We service a number of WRS's here at our shop, and the owners "LOVE" them. I don't see them needing anymore repairs then a normal Subaru. Yes, you want to use premium gas with a Turbo charged vehicle. All My Best, Amy Mattinat

Lori Johnson, Owner and Instructor at Ladies Start Your Engines Dear Betsy, It would be best if you checked your owners manual to see which type of gas they recommend. Sometimes they require the higher octane or the warranty may be voided. This is because some of the engines require a higher grade gasoline to run efficiantly. As for the vehicle being dependable, your best bet would be to search on the internet and see what kind of reviews are being written about it. Lori

Patty Streeter,  at Betsy, Make sure the owner's manual suggests the premium gas, and if it does than you should definitely only use that suggested octane. The manufacturer knows which octane the engile will run best on and that is why they recommend it. The difference in the cost in't as bad as you might think. Our eMarketing Manager, Breanne, owns an Acura that requires premium and she says that after a while, the difference in cost isn't that noticeable. As far as how reliable they are, it is best to hear from other Sudaru owners. Try going to and hearing what others have to say about the vehicle. You can look up safety info on Good luck!

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