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I have a 2002 Saturn that all of a sudden started chugging like its out of gas which its not,someone told me it could be my fuel intake valve?

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Lori Johnson, Owner and Instructor at Ladies Start Your Engines Dear Lori, Unfortunately there is not an easy answer that I can give you. It could be the fuel, the fuel filter (clogged), the fuel pump or it could just be that your air filter is clogged and it's not getting air so the vehicle doesn't go when you push the accelerator. I would check the air filter and see if it's dirty. If it is, change it and see if this changes anything. If not, you will need to get a technician to look at the vehicle and check the fuel system. Lori

Patty Streeter,  at Lori, Check out our expert answers and make sure when you take it to a technician that you only take it to a dealer or an ASE certified tech. You can find a certified technician near you by going here:

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