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I drive a Kia 2001 Sportage. Over the Christmas holidays it broke down. I got it to the dealer - and they said it needed a new valve/head and they did a whole bunch of things on the car - which cost me over $2,000 CDN. The problem is since getting back the car, I engine check light keeps comming on, indicating a whole bunch of new problems. First a fuel line broke. Once that was repaired, the engine check light came on again the next day. I brought it back to the dealer, and they said a vacum hose broke. They fixed it and the next day, the light came back on. This time they said it was problem with the heat sensor and they needed a new part. They fixed that yesterday and today, the engine check light is back on again. What is wrong? Did they put a part in the car, that it keeps rejecting? I am really frustrated. So far they have fixed all the problems that came up after they replaced the head for free. However, how long will they do this for? Also I had to put the initial work on a credit card, and cannot afford to pay any more or miss any time from work. In addition, I am a single mother with a young child, living in a cold climate, so I desperately need my car. What should I do? Please provide me with some advise.

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Patty Streeter,  at Another suggestion : Take your KIA to another KIA dealership for inpection to verify the work done is correctand explain the hisorty to the service manager. Get his or her help to diagnois the problem correctly and make the repairs needed to correct these problems. Perhaps it's time to trade in this vehicle for a newer more dependable vehicle. As a single Mom , having a dependable vehicle is paramount.

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