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I have a Ford Mustang GT (2006). I was walking by the car and my ring put a scratch on the body (minor). I knew it happened and can see it and it is bugging me! What is the best way to remove it?

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Debbie Lee, President at Professional Car Care Rose, If it is not deep, your local dealership will be able to buff out and wax over it. If it is too deep they should be able to touch up or do a paint blend at the body shop in your local dealership. I always try to buff out if possiable before paint. Debbie Lee

Patty Streeter,  at Rose, Check out our expert answer. You can also look into this nifty product that I have personally used (it works and matches great!): How Do I Fix My Car Paint Chips and Dings? How many times have you been driving around in your car, enjoying your on a bright sunny day and heard the horrible sound of a rock being bouncing off your car or you just returned from an afternoon of shopping only to find you’re your car door dinged? It is only a matter of time that you are going to be faced with these situations and no one likes the look of an unsightly chip in the paint! Now you are faced with either taking your car to a body shop to fix those chips or taking advantage of the AutoSharp Paint Pen from AutoVisuals. Meet Wendy Engelberg , Director of Operations , Auto Visuals: Ask Patty: I live in the Los Angeles area so every one of my vehicles gets door dings often due to the congested parking or driving on the packed freeways behind some truck full of junk and WHACK! Another paint chip on my beautiful car!!! I am so happy you contacted me and I can’t wait to get your product in my hot little hands! Tell me how did you get into and what attracted you the automotive business as a career choice and business owner? Wendy Engelberg: My hotel in Los Angeles was sold and instead of taking a transfer to Denver, (I was raised in NY and CT, so I sure didn’t want to go back to the severe cold and snow!), my then husband and I decided we should expand our current dent removal business and add paint touch up. So I learned how to mix paint for each car, repair and re shoot the flexible parts of the car, such as the bumpers, mirrors, moldings, etc. I started my own route to different dealerships and touched up all their used cars. Ask Patty: How did you get the idea to start AutoVisuals? Wendy Engelberg: After having my own route for a few years, it had really taken a toll on me physically and I ended up having 2 back surgeries in 3 months, so I had to come up with some other way to make money. I had done very well with the touch up paint and already had contacts, so we worked on making it into a package for the dealerships where they could sell. My then husband and I started the business in our garage about 5 years ago, and I have since moved it to its own facility in Chatsworth. It is still a young growing business, but I have high hopes for it. Ask Patty: You mentioned that this product is easy to use and every woman should carry it in their vehicles for quick paint repairs? Tell me more about paint repairs and what women need to know to keep their vehicles looking like new? Wendy Engelberg: Women can use the AutoSharp Paint Pen and take care of their own car with ease. First start with a clean car, take a Q-Tip and alcohol and clean the areas you wish to touch up. Take the AutoSharp Paint Pen and shake for 1 minute. Then on a flat surface other than your car, depress the tip very gently up and down until you see the paint soaking the tip. Continue doing this until the tip is completely soaked. This can take up to 1 full minute. Once the tip is completely soaked with paint, you are ready to touch up your car. If you are touching up chips, just color in the spot until the touch up paint is built up to the original paint. If you are touching up scratches, go from left to right and just draw a line and build it up until it is even to the original paint. If you need more coats, for best results, wait 1 day, then re apply the same way. Never store the pen in your car, store at room temperature with the cap on tight. If the paint dries on the tip, simply reactivate the pen to use. The tips are also replaceable. You can also see a demonstration on just after the logo on the right of the page comes up. Ask Patty: Sounds just like a giving yourself a good manicure, how easy is that!! Where are your product sold? Online, through dealerships? Wendy Engelberg: The AutoSharp Paint Pen is sold at select dealerships in North America and on our website, You will need the paint code from your car to place an order. The paint pen is $17.99 plus shipping. ASK PATTY members receive a $5.00 discount. Just type in ASK PATTY in the coupon at the bottom of the address page and your discount will appear on the next page. Ask Patty: What automotive related women's organizations do you belong to and support? Wendy Engelberg: The only women’s organization I belong to is the SEMA women’s business group. I would like to be more involved with this group and others. Ask Patty: What is your general advice for women purchasing automotive aftermarket products? What percent of buyers in the automotive aftermarket are women? Wendy Engelberg: My advice for women in purchasing after market products is to only purchase exactly what you need. Know what you need going into the project. Men are constantly trying to up sell us to bigger, better and more expensive products when most of the time, we just don’t need them for the repair we are doing. I find this happens every single time I want a $30 oil change and they want to upgrade me until it is $150! Just happened again yesterday! Ask Patty: Wendy thanks for all this great information on the AutoSharp Paint Pen and your view on women buyers in the automotive aftermarket. Contact info: Wendy Engelberg Director of Operations AutoVisuals Toll Free: 877-701-7780 Local: 818-576-0452 Toll Free Fax: 888-805-0577 COUPON: When entering your billing and shipping address, at the bottom of the order page, enter the code: ASK PATTY

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