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Hiand thanks for your help in advance. We have a ford focus 2003 with 31,800 miles and we got it Dec 2003 brand new. Up until Oct, no problems. car jerks 3-t times a week lights do on on dashboard, we had it in for service many times over 3 months, first ring sensor broke than pistons wore out. service advisor is pissed car is having alot of problems. I called ford customer relations 3 weeks in a row, am promised callback from supervisors no one calls back. I tried to get number for CEO corporate office I cant find number and the reps do not give it to me. I was told I qualify for buyback with ford but no one calls back and helps. I was told by a rep they sent email and called place where we got car in AZ and they the dealership never called. no one wants to help. We pay monthly for car I feel like junking it. Please help. we are being ignored by ford. I feel like not making payments anymore and letting them take car away. I am afraid to put my 20 month old baby in the car. Thanks! Alan

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Patty Streeter,  at Contact the owner or the General Manager of the Ford dealership you purchased the car from and ask for support and assistance with Ford directly. He or she will have the correct contacts at Ford to help you solve the problem. If they are unresponsive write a letter and mailed it certifed mail to Ford Customer Service to the supervisor of the rep you've been working with, these two steps should get things moving to resolve. Ford Motor Company Customer Relationship Center P.O.Box 6248 Dearborn, Michigan 48126 1-800-392-3673(FORD) Please folllow up with us on how things are going, we are here to help!

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