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hi. I recently recieved a reply from Debbie about a question i had regarding the removal of the rumble bee stickers on my ram 1500. she assured me it was ok to remove them and i couldn't be i just don't know how i should go about doing that. i am hoping i can do it myself as i am not a wealthy girl but my intention is to make my truck look better, not worse. i tried peeling up a little corner and it seemed to come up no problem. i am worried that there will be an outline left behind or maybe the paint will be a different color. the decals have been on for a few years in the arizona sun...i really apprecaite your last response and any further assistance you might be able to offer. thanks, zoe

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Debbie Lee, President at Professional Car Care Zoe, You can use a heat gun or hair dryer to heat up decal for easy removal.. Use gum remover, nail polish remover etc to remove the glue. As far as the color you may have some discoloration from the sun but if I remeber that correct the decal is on the side of the back which should not have gotten direct sun. You should try a little spot and look CLOSELY for any color difference. Any more questions let me know. One more thing if you have a small color change you can buff out the panel and should be able to get the color to match to a small degree. Debbie Lee

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