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I am a 5'3" fluffy short-waisted woman who wants a 4 wheel drive vehicle that fits me. My Chevy trailblazer fits 6'2" husband beautifully, but... I need more lumbar support, a seat belt system that does not cut off my carotid artery circulation, a head rest that allows me to get my chin off my chest, a seat system that adjusts more upright, a tilt steering wheel that allows me to see the gauges and speedometer, a door handle that I can reach and close without nearly falling out of the vehicle. I do not require a lot of whistles and bells. I want a fair amount of space for my craft faire displays and merchandise. I can afford what I want if I love it. I would prefer not to have to try each and every dealer and vehicle on for size. Any suggestions? Growing taller is not an option at this point. Thanks, Carol

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Patty Streeter,  at Carol, Truthfully, the best thing to do is sit in the vehicles you are interested in and take them for a test drive. It may sound tedious, but that time spent is better than buying a vehicle and living with an uncomfortable setup. Some of the smaller SUVs might be a good choice: Toyota RAV4 or Highlander Honda CR-V or Pilot Mazda Cx-7 The new Hyundai Veracruz Ford Escape Really spending the time to sit in and adjust the seats in the vehicles will be the best way to decide what is best. Go for a vehicle that has an adjustible seat pan, which can help you adjust the seat height better without making you feel like you are crammed against the steering wheel. Good luck!

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