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I own 2001 SL1 Saturn. It has 118,000 miles (had 9900 when I bought it in Jan. 2006. The service engine soon light came on this morning. What does that mean?

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Lori Johnson, Owner and Instructor at Ladies Start Your Engines Dear Vela, Check your service manual to see what this light means. It's usually the light that comes on to let you know that you are due for an oil change or service of some kind. This "light" is controlled by mileage and is set to come on according to how many miles the manufacturer puts in for it to come on, ie every 7500mi. When you take the vehicle in for service they will re-set it.

Patty Streeter,  at Vela, Take your vehicle to the dealership or an ASE certified technician where they can run the tests to see why the light is on. It may just be a reminder for regular service. Make sure you see the dealership or an ASE tech. You can find an ASE tech by going here:

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