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I bought a new Lexus 430 and it recommends premium gas (V8 engine). My neighbor has BMW's and says he puts regular non-leaded gas in them, even using ethanol sometimes. Is this something I might think of doing, especially with the price of premium gas? Does it void a warranty in some way? This is the first luxury car I have ever bought and I normally keep a car for 10-12 years. Everyone always is looking for ways to save, but I do not want to do anything that might harm my car. Thanks in advance for your answer. Kate

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Patty Streeter,  at Kate, Use premium gas in your Lexus 430 as the manufacture suggests. You will get excessive carbon build up from lower octane fuels and preignition causing internal engine damage over a prolonged period of time if you do not follow the manufacture recommended fuel. If you are looking for save on fuel here are some tips : 1. Always keep the proper air pressure in your tires. 2. Have your car tuned up on a regular basis. 3. Remove any and all excessive weight out of your vehicle. Check out this recent article on Ask Patty additional fuel stretch tips!

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