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my 2005 Chrysler PT cruiser is running fine, but the mechanic says I need to do a fuel injection service to keep it running fine. Sounds like bunk to me. Suggestions?

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Jenny Trostel, Partner at Anderson of Hunt Valley Sounds like bunk to me too. Your car is very new and should not be having fuel injection problems. I would take it to an ASE certified technician in your area to have it looked at. You can find a certified tech by going here:

Lori Johnson, Owner and Instructor at Ladies Start Your Engines I would say that it's probably not necessary if you're not having a driving problem. It's basically a thorough cleaning of the fuel system. If you put the right type of fuel in your vehicle and don't have problems like poor acceleration or bad gas mileage, I would say that your fuel system is okay. Make sure to check your owners manual so that you're not voiding your warranty by not doing the service, then I would say it's not necessary.

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