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I have a 1979 Oldsmobile Regency 98 350 engine 5.7 ltr How do you adjust the valves

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Patty Streeter,  at Think about things that can affect your valve lash, you will need this bit of common sense before you get into this, because there are other considerations besides just putting a wrench on something and attempting to follow the cam card, or shop manual. What type of cam are you running? (Hydraulic, Solid, Hydraulic Roller, Solid Roller, Mushroom Tappet) Are you running aluminum heads? Are ALL of your valvetrain parts in proper working condition? Are your valve springs the correct ones for the camshaft and operating RPM? What type of driving are you going to be using the engine for? Do you have the tools and basic knowledge required to adjust your own valves? If after you read through this and are still a bit confused, have someone with the proper certification and training ( ASE certified technician) do it, or have them at least walk you through it to make sure you understand the procedure. Now, if you are wondering what can go wrong there is a quite a few bad things that can occur: Poor running engine and low performance Failed smog testing (if this is a smog-legal street driven vehicle) Burnt exhaust valve(s) Broken valvetrain components (springs, pushrods, lifters, camshaft) Limited lifespan of valvetrain components Excessive valve guide and seat wear Blown up engine Empty Bank Account It takes only a few thousandths of an inch of adjustment error to cause those problems.

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