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I purchased a new 2006 Chrysler Pacifica/Limited in August, 2006. Asked for heated seats and my salesman said they did not come with my vehicle. Went online & found that heated seats are "standard equipment" for my car. Contacted my dealer and he said the "Limited" mark was put on my car by mistake. I intend to take this further, with Chrysler or my Lawyer. My salesman said I could have heated seats installed for $450.00. I think my dealer should pay!

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Amy Mattinat, Owner and Author at Auto Craftsmen Ltd Dear Phyllis, I really don’t think it’s worth bringing in a lawyer. It would probably cost you more in fees. It’s very possible that the salesman made a mistake. I would talk with the manager of the dealership where you purchased the vehicle and let him know you are very disappointed that your car did not come with the standard heated seats. For only $450.00 they should try and save face and put them in. If they really put up a fuss, you could offer to pay for the part at cost and have them do the labor for free. Good Luck! Amy Mattinat

Joy Sherman, Owner  at Ms. Motorcars Hi Phyllis, If the purchase order says Limited, ask to speak to the General Manager or Dealer personally. Tell them you want them to install it for free. If they won't, you could file a small claims suit. If your paperwork indicates limited, you would probably win. As a last effort, you could also split the cost with the dealer. They really should do this, if they care about their reputation. Good Luck, Joy Sherman, President, Ms. Motorcars

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