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Yesterday I almost was a victim of the "good ole boys" club when I bought a new window motor from an auto parts place, took it to another place only to have them REFUSE to put in something that did NOT come from a dealership. THen they had the balls to price the repair HIGHER than what the dealership did! I'm now trying to figure out if I can do this myself, OR take it to the dealership and pay their price which is also ridiculous. Is this a repair I can do myself with the proper tools and a little stubbornness on my part?

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Amy Mattinat, Owner and Author at Auto Craftsmen Ltd Dear Donna, Those "good ole boys" may have been doing you a favor. From experience, the majority of folks who bring in their own parts bring in the wrong ones. Vehicles are so parts- specific it's almost ridicules. Can’t tell you how many times a day we are on the phone with the parts stores trying to get a right part. The manufactures are constantly changing them. They can change per model or per manufacture year. Meaning, if you have a Honda Civic that was built in December 2003 it could have a different part then a Civic built in Jan. 2004, but they are both 2004 Honda Civics. OR, if it is a DX model instead of an EX model, it could need a different part. Getting the correct part can be a complicated job sometimes. Also, Electric window problems can be a big deal. They have to tear apart the door, and if it is the wrong part, you wouldn’t be able to drive it. The independent shop may have priced it higher because from experience they know it’s a pain in the butt job, and they want some leeway in the amount of time it takes to do the job. I would recommend you not try and do the job yourself. It’s a difficult job, and you need electrical knowledge to do the job. If you connected a wire incorrectly you could cause havoc to the whole electrical system of your vehicle. At my shop, we have a policy that we don’t use customer supplied parts. We have been bitten too many times and had cars stuck on a lift for days waiting for the customer to get another part. If that lift is tied up, the shop can’t make any money. Good Luck, Amy Mattinat

Jamey Wozniak, Owner and CEO at Joe's Hitch, Trailer & Truck Accessories You can do this yourself with some basic tools. Make sure to wear rubber gloves as the greas is kind of sloppy. You will need the service manual you can buy at a parts store like Advance Auto Parts or go to the internet and search for what you are doing. The information is online. If you can get someone to help you it will be easier as someone will have to hold the glass while you replace the motor. Go for it! But always remember that it is best to consult an ASE-certified technician before doing anything yourself.

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