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How do you change a tire because my boyfriend has to come and change it for me when I get one?

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Patty Streeter,  at Dear Megan, You need to look at your owners manual for your car. There is a section that tells you exactly where to put the jack and how to change the tire. You want to make sure the vehicle is on a flat surface and that the emergency brake is applied. And just so you know, changing a tire is one of the first things I teach women in my class. It's really not that difficult. Don't be afraid to try it, you can do it yourself! Lori Johnson Owner and Instructor Ladies Start Your Engines 215-991-6137 Hi Megan, if you can get to a computer and go to they have an easy to understand instructions with illustrations and pictures that will walk you step by step through the process of changing a tire. Amy Mattinat Hi Megan - its very empowering to do these things yourself.? One thing to keep in mind is that SUV and truck tires weight over 50 lbs each so a tire inflation product works as a good back up.? It also works if you're wearing white!? :-) Here is a copy of an article I did for NY1 Car Expert Lauren Fix Demonstrates How To Change A Flat Tire So you've got a flat tire: what do you do? Well if your first instinct is to call for help, you may want to pay attention, because if you've got a few minutes to spare car expert Lauren Fix will show you how you can change a tire in 20 minutes flat. First thing you'll need is your jack, which also has a wrench attached, your spare and your owner's manual. Every car is different so you will need to refer to the manual to see just how that particular car works. It's also a good idea to put on the emergency break or block the other tires to prevent the car from rolling. "First thing you want to do is if you have a wheel cover you want to remove that so you have access to the lugs the lugs attach the wheel to the car, and you want to loosen them and you want to loosen them in a star pattern," says Fix. Now when you do this you don't want to take them all the way off and remember: lefty loosey, righty tighty. "Now that you've go the lugs loosened, the first thing you want to know is where to I jack up this vehicle? This is a scissor jack. It's what comes with these vehicles and this is where you will need to know where to locate it on the car. If you just choose any spot you can damage your vehicle," says Fix. Usually you will see marks on the underside of the car, then once you line up the jack, you can start to open it. The lug wrench will attach to the jack to so you can lift the car off the ground. Remember never place your body under the car once it's up. "Now that you have the tire off the ground, you want to remove the rest of the lugs you loosed in advance the reason you did that is so the tire doesn't spin," says Fix. "Once you remove this, you will want to make sure to protect these lugs ? if you lose them you will have nothing to tighten back spare," says Fix. Once they are off, you can carefully remove the tire and slide on the spare, then tighten the lugs again in a star pattern. When they are as tight as can be, you can lower the jack, and you're off. Remember you can only drive at slow speed with a spare. Another easy way to fix a flat is with a tire inflation product. This allows you to temporarily fill the tire so you can drive it to safety. If you have an SUV you will need two cans of the product, but basically all you have to do is attach the nozzle to the tire and spray. For more car safety tips you can go online to Where you'll find ways to recover from any bump in the road. Lauren Fix

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