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I searched for a good deal everyday for 2 months in the heat until I settled on one. I had arranged my own fin. and took my father in law so I could actually get some service. Ok, I signed a buyer agreement in order to take the car home. It was midnight by the time they talked me out of my own fin. It was only a grand they would be getting and I was so tired of playing this game. With 4 kids in a no-a/c minivan, Texas heat, I needed a this vehicle. My husband went in to sign on Tues. because Sun. they were closed and Mon. he had school after work. They said congrats, your done have a good life, yada yada. Okay, well now they began calling the house on Thurs. They first said, we have "good news". I was lik what? Thy said that we both needed to go back in and sign some "other forms". He "had no idea what they were". I ignored them at first but now they are like calling over and over. We have said that we won't go in till they tell us for what. They won't give us any answers...or anyone else to go to. Finally my husband said we would go in on Fri. the soonest because it is really far. we are busy w/ kids and with work and school..just no time. today the freaks are calling we had not ever talked. They won't call my husband only me. What are they doing??? Are they going to say they can't give us the APR they promised after they talke me outta my own? What do i do? We will go in on Fri. but say what? Here is your car? i already put 500 mi. on it with the commute in one wk!! HElP!!

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Joy Sherman, Owner  at Ms. Motorcars You need to find out exactly what the other forms are. I can't answer without this information. Did you bring home copies of what you did sign when you took the car? I'm suspicious as they won't disclose what the forms are. They have to honor what you originally signed. Keep close watch for what comes in the mail from the bank. Make sure the figures match what you signed! Call the Better Business Bureau and report them if you need to. Good Luck!

Patty Streeter,  at Ask Patty Answers!

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