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In January 2005, I purchased a 2005 Pontiac Vibe. I also purchased extended warranties on the vehicle, gap insurance and warranty on the tires. In August 2006, I traded in the Vibe and purchased a G6-hardtop convertible Pontiac. In trying to get a refund on the warranties I purchased on the Vibe, I was told I had to go through the car dealership I purchased the Vibe through which was David McDavid in Irvin, TX. The David McDavid dealership will not communicate with me (even though they communicated with me a lot when I actually purchased the vehicle from them). I have since contacted GM customer relations department. Even though I was told this was be solved, I cannot seem to even get the person I spoke with at GM to call me call (he voice mail is full; cannot get an option which gives me the opportunity to actually speak with a person). Can someone direct me to the person/company/legal entity I need to communicate with in order to get a handle on this?

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Patricia J Roberts, Director Business Development  at, Inc. Sorry you are having this difficulty. Have you contacted the sales person or their finance and insurance dept or the General Manager at the dealership? If not, you should do so. If necessary, craft a letter and send it registered mail so that you will have a proof document. Note that the dealerships are independent business owners and that GM has factory representatives can and should be in contact with them to communicate the complaint with a case number. Regarding the GM Customer Assistance Dept, you can speak with anyone about your case. There will be a case number for you. So go back to the main number, explain your situation and whomever answers the call can bring up the case on their computer system. If you were not given a case number, ask them for it so that you have a record. Call every day or 2 until someone calls you back. Each time you contact them, it is noted on your case file by the person who answers the phone. However, be prepared that there may not be a refund due because you bought the Vibe in 2005 and the insurance and extended warranties may be "paid out". It looks like you owned the Vibe for +60 months. Someone at the dealership should be able to verify whether there is any refund. PJ Roberts

Jessie L Thatcher, F&I and Sales Specialist at Reynolds and Reynolds Company  (Retired) First of all you need to determine if the products you purchase were GM products or another company. Look at the paper work. Many dealers sell off brand ESC and Tire Warranties and they must be cancelled at the dealership. If it is a GM Backed Plan you should be able to get this completed without a problem If it is another brand you will need to contact that company directly to find out what their resolution policies are and who they need to verify your trade. The dealership should have given you all this information at the time you traded in your vehicle for the new one. If you can't get them to contact you send them a registered letter requesting a signature and receipt. You can also contact the company on the policies directly. The person you need to speak with at the dealership is the F&I Manager or the Business Office Manager, you should also direct any correspondence to these people. You shouldn't be having these issues with GM Directly, although it will take considerably longer to resolve them this way mostly because Pontiac Division is no longer in business.

Patty Streeter,  at Do you have your original extended warranty policy? You need to know which warranty company the policy is with. If it is through the manufacturer, you should be able to cancel it through any dealer. You can bring your papers to the Finance Manager who handled your new car deal on the 2006. That person should be able to get you the paper work to cancel your policies. If your warranties were financed on your previous car, the refunds go to the lender. If your car was traded in to the dealership and they paid it off, you need to have proof your previous loan was paid off and present that paper along with your notice to cancel due to trading in your vehicle. This way you will receive any pro-rated refunds due to you. This process usually takes 4 to 6 weeks. It sounds like the person at the dealer who you are trying to cancel with has never done this task before. You can also speak with the dealer's business office person who handles submitting (not selling) all extended warranties as a job. They are in the same office that handles DMV, contracts and accounts receivable and payable. They know the most about the warranty purchase, transfer and termination procedures. If your warranty is already in process to be terminated, this person can also look up the status. Warranty companies all have reps that deal with this office person and the Finance person. Best of luck! Deanna Cross President The Spirited Maverick Media Co., LLC

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