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How do I know I'm getting the absolute best price on a lease?

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Patty Streeter,  at Make sure the selling price quoted is the same as the cap cost quoted by the dealer on your lease agreement. Cap cost disclosure is required by law. Using a cap cost in a lease that's higher than the negotiated (or quoted) selling price is a trick some dealer will use because some consumers don't know what cap cost represents. ( The cap cost the "selling price" of a vehicle that's used to calculate lease payments and it's supposed to be the same as the price that was negotiated, quoted, or advertised by the dealer.) Second, if a higher cap cost is noticed, the salesperson might say that that figure has no effect on their monthly payment; they're not buying the vehicle, the leasing company is; and the cap cost is set by the leasing company so it's not negotiable. Third, a higher cap cost is sometimes explained away by saying that it includes finance charges.� Do not be deceived the cap cost and selling price should be identical.

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