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Sup my horn is just constantly honking at times for long periods and sometimes a lil toot here and there just wondering if there's a way to turn it off??

My car won't shift into reverse. My car heats up fast. I hope you can help me as i'm a senior lady and can't afford a new car.

Hi thanks for taking the time to read this message I'll just give you a brief over view my girlfriend is 18 and currently finished her apprenticeship and has a level 2 IMI certificate but sadly cannot do her level 3 as the garage she is working in is discriminating against her sex saying she can't do a gearbox because it's too heavy She's ...

My mechanic and I took the steering wheel column down and now we can’t get it back in place, any ideas?

I got a message Drivetrain Malfunction after fueling my car, I didn’t have any problems on the car only the message. I stopped the car and restart the engine and the message disappears. What is the possible cause?

I currently have this car which I have not had for more than a 4 months. Due to circumstances that arose between family I am now trying to trade-in in order to get a newer car under a different person. More so I want to know if I would be having to pay due to equity or if it would be a simple trade in.

My 2001 SL1 sometimes won't start, I can turn the key and it just won't start, and then other days it's perfectly fine. And now today, it wouldn't start at all, no lights, no dinging with the key, it's a manual so I pushed it down a hill and nothing, no lights, no engine turn over, nothing. What could this be?

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