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Last night I was as I backed into a pole. The car was damaged on the passenger side on bumper and tail light assembly. Now the car won’t go faster than 25mph, even when I floor it. I’ve had three different people telling me different things too do. Please help I’m stuck in a state that I don’t live in and have no family in.

It has been snowing in our city (Memphis) for almost a week with slick roads and icy conditions. Today, with calmer weather, my Check Engine light and the Slip/VSC Indicator came on simultaneously when I started the car. It is not due for an oil change or anything like that and I did let my car warm up before driving. It made a kind of ...

Are all water pumps for Honda Civic 2001 the same?

I want to know if a universal key 5 will go to a 2009 mitsubishi galant, or do i have to buy the original key 5, or can I replace it with a universal key 5 to my factory alarm?

We cannot lock the doors with the remote. Also we must have the key fob inserted in the port to start the car. Could this be the transponder in the remote, and will we have to replace remote. The batteries were just changed in remote. Thanks

This loud grinding noise doesn't start until I reach 25mph,driver side front,the faster I go the louder,but it stops when turning to the right,because I'm a woman,I don't know why it brings out the worst in mechanics, what could it be,please help, I have spent a lot of time and money,and still

Does the 2012 impala have the same access panel to the fuel pump in the trunk or under the seat as the earlier years? Or does the tank absolutely have to be dropped?

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