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My car will run right and then one day I go to start it and it won’t. This has happened at least four times. I’ve noticed it’s usually on rainy days. Then the next day or day after it starts again. Any answers?

the dashboard door-ajar light stays on. the rear dome light stays on (unless i turn it off). I assume the problem is the rear gate when i lock the doors using the key or the armrest button, they lock and then unlock when the cars gets up to speed the locks stay locked when the car is locked the alarm often goes off.

My car does not start. That is in turning the key nothing! NO lights, clicking, cranking....nothing!

my brake light won't go off.

I have an 05 dodge magnum with a 5.7 hemi. It threw a rod through the side of the block. I also have a wrecked 08 ram 1500 with a good 5.7 hemi could i just swap the two. What are the differences between the 2? i know the intakes are different. Can i just swap the intakes if not could i just use the block from the truck to rebuild my magnums engine?

Is there a rear computer that shuts down the car? New fuel pump, PCV valve fixed. Car ran great! Mechanic says computer overheating and shutting car down (??) Is this possible. Fuel is reaching the rail. Thank you!

Hi. What are some women friendly mechanic shops in the Inland Empire area of California?

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