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I just had my cars radiator hose serviced antifreeze put in ,a week later the car was getting smoke coming in from vents on leaking ,but had it towed home on antifreeze /water in radiator, put some in and leaked out, they tell me it is a heater core. is this expenseive to repair

Every time I go to crank up the car , it won’t start or crank . All of the lights are on . Key fob has a new battery . It won’t start...

My Jaguar well all the sudden lose its power steering the ability to break and the ability to excelerate and the check oil light will come on. The dead battery light will come on. Nothing will happen prior at all these things happening it seems to be random. It’s happened to me twice in the same day in the only thing that seems to fix it seems to ...

Have a bulb problem. In a two year period, have gone through 3 headlight changes, 4 brake light bulbs, several turn signal lights. Average lamp seems to be about 6 months! any suggestions?

hi i want to buy Polo gti 2013 1.4T with 108000 km , what do you think about this car? Does it have problems in engine or great DSG ?? what the problems that this car has ??

Is a Nissan maxima 2004 when it start running it makes a sound very loud under back of the car

Firstly let me say I am not very mechanically minded. Please forgive me if my descriptions are in layman's terms. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I'd like to give a full history, so this most may be lengthy. Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated. Also please note I'm in South Africa, so prices will be in Rands. (Roughly 10 ...

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