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My gas cap was not on all the way. I put the gas cap back on now but the light will not go off.. I’m trying to get my car to pass the emissions test and it won’t before of that.

My son's Celia GT (140000) is consuming oil, almost one quart every other week and there are not visible leaks. Today I saw some oil spills in the hood after using it. I open the hood and I found the oil cap totally loose and upside down. Is the second time I find the cap as that and the first time I told him to be more careful at the time of ...

Why wont my Buick start after it ran hot? It turns like it's trying to crank. Is it because it's still hot? I didn't blow the motor. It's not knocking. Can't be gas line. I turned the the car on and listen for that.

I bought a 1998 Ford Mustang 3.6 brand new in 1998 . It has been taking care of , and then some. I gave it to my son a few weeks ago and it was running great as always before I left on a business trip. Now when I made it back home the check engine light is on and it idles rough. Now some times it does not do it , but when it does the check engine light ...

I have a 2012 Dodge Avenger and oil was low. I put 2 quarts of oil in, but the engine light came on. Car runs great, what does that mean?

What is the correct tire pressure for my Sebring 2008?

ABS. Light on , code 4302 with generic scanner , had left rear sensor code cause of axle seal leak , replaced , still on , what is 4303 ?

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