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"Warning Light On" 

Hi, I recently purchased a gently used 2006 Chevy Cobalt. I noticed when the fuel was low, around 1/8th or under, the rpms would get erratic. The problem was intermittent and went away once I fueled up. Yesterday, however, I let the tank get low again and the problem got pretty severe with a yellow check engine light coming on. I managed to get home and ...

I need a (prefer Van) with a dash that is low(able to see over) I am only 5ft .

2007 mitsubishi galant head lights are coming on after i park and lock up car and go to bed. They will turn on by themselves a little while after i go to bed. When i come out in the morning for work it is completely dead and i need a jump. I took it into a shop and they said that they couldnt figure out what was wrong with it but i would need to leave it ...

Well as I’m coming to a stop it starts rattling and shacking but as soon I accelerated it goes away and every time I’m comeing to a stop it doesn’t again

My car will drive fine one minute but if you let it set and idle for to long it won't hardly move but if I stop and shut the engine off and start it back it works just fine

My 2012 Kia Sorento died while driving. I was able to get it running again by jumping the battery. It ran for about a week and then died again while driving. This time it won't start back up. What could be the problem.

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