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I noticed, while driving this morning, that my headlights would kind of dim or flicker a bit, off and this something I need to worry about? thanks Monica
Okay. So today at lunch these boys called me over to throw away their lunch for them, and one of the guys had a tray of food, so i pushed the tray onto the guy. and then they told me to pick it up, so i picked up a little bit of it. Did I do the right thing? And how do I get them to stop thinking that im a bitch?
How come there are only some of the non-certified dealers listed?
I bought this car in 2/07 from Enterprise car sales. The following is a partial list of repairs that the chevy dealer claims that I need rack/pinion $617 alignment $90 fuel injection service $152 induction service $152 rear emergency brake adjustment $75 How can I tell if I really need these items or if they are ripping me off? Is there a way to ...
Hello: I have a BMW X3 which only has about 5k miles on it. Several weeks ago the indicator light came on showing that I needed to have it serviced soon. I called BMW because it seemed like it was too soon since the car has so few miles. They said that it could be that the gas cap was not properly put back on and that the light comes up for several ...
I have a 95 Impreza and I had my oil filled a week ago. When I checked my oil today, it was half full. I know that I do not have a leak because I park on a paved driveway and so I would see oil spots. I do not know what to do. I also do not know if this is a normal amount of oil to lose in a week. what could this mean and what can I do about it?
Where is the camshaft position sensor (cmp) located? checked with car md. need to replace to get check engine light off before inspecttion. thanks mike

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