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How can we fix the "cage" that holds up the gas tank or is it the muffler, without having to go and spend a lot of money. We do not want to keep putting money in it. Thank you for your help
Can you reset an oxygen sensor on a 1998 Chevy Blazer? I recently had a motor replaced on my heater fan and the heat does not heat now. Is the sensor the problem?
The engine service light has come on in my 10-year-old SUV. Is it best to take the car to a Nissan service center, or will any service center be fine?
I just bought a new keyless entry for my car. Where do I plug up the new receiver unit? or how do I program the new keypad to work with the old receiver unit?
Dear Patty, There this guy in my school and i have a crush on him. I see him everyday in the hallway. But he noticed me. But until a few days ago he stared at me two times. What does it mean? Thanks
Patty, The temperature gauge on my BMW has been swaying from cold to hot and my heater puts out warm air at times. What could be the problem and how much can I expect to pay? Also is it necessary to visit a BMW dealer for this service? Thanks, Shawn NC
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