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This problem started happening about a month ago and occurs only once in a while and inconsistently. This makes it difficult to reproduce when trying to explain or show it to others. While driving, the car jerks as if I ran over something. It has happened about 5+ times and I have had others drive it to get their opinion. Its almost like the car slows ...
I have a 1996 mazda 626 lx 4 cylinder with 140k miles. after running on the highway for a half hour or so, my overdrive light goes on and off. i do not touch the on/off button. the car gains and loses power. mechanic thinks it could be the transmission?? I have had a lot of work on this vehicle the past few years. would you happen to know what it ...
Hi ~ I fired my dealership on Friday and want to find a good mechanic. I have not had a woman mechanic since I lived in Boston/Cambridge. Are there listings or is there such a thing as a woman-owned garage in Philly?? Thanks! Amy Honda Civic DX hatchback
Car would not start ( just a clicking noise)just out of the blue one day.. So put the battery on the battery charger for 30 minutes it started, drove for like an hour then parked it for the night..made sure everything was off when I shut it off interior dash lights, radio, ect.... Next morning same thing car just makes a clicking sound will not start.. ...
I want to use a different oil type in my car. Do I ask the people who do the oil changes to do that and will I have to worry about mixing it with the previous oil already there?
What do you think I should do, is the cheapest way to get my car to pass the DEQ,(emissions test) the easiest.
I would like to put the 215/70R15 Goodyear Assurance Triple Tred Blackwall tires on my 2005 Tacoma when the time comes. Do you carry such a tire? I have a deal to get a new set of 4 tires from you when the ones I have need to be replaced but I would like to upgrade to the better ones and pay the additional cost. Thanks..Bill Lohr

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