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In the past, my car would shut off while I am at a red light. I've had the alternator, battery, spark plug changed less than two months ago. Now, my car will not start. Any ideas or suggestions or what maybe the problem? Thanks!
Hi, I have a 2001 Z3 coupe(hardtop/rare) that I need to sell. I want to put signs in the windows (it gets many comments, so I figured that is my best advertising). Thing is, I'm a single woman who lives alone. A couple things I thought I should consider: I do not want my personal phone number on the signs (might get freaks calling who see me driving). ...
Can an On-Star be installed in my wifes 2005 Jeep and, if so, what would would be an estimated costs for the On-Star and cost for the installation?
Hi, my eclipse 08 13k miles - service display/warning came on, my husband did the tuneups and disconnect the battery terminal and the service warning still comes on. what should I do next?
My car has recently been showing a battery sign lit up and will die when I slow down or stop at a stop sign. I can easily restart it again and go on my way though. What is happening? Thanks
This may not be the right place on the site to ask this question, but here it goes . . . My friend is thinking about starting a car repair business that will be geared toward women. I am researching whether this will be a viable option for her and what she needs to do to get started. Do you have any suggestions on model business plans or on any other ...
I need to replace the front driver side window of a 97 mercury sable. Will a window from a 2001 sable fit?

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