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2009, 25 miles on it now. Would it be okay to take a trip from Phx, Az to Prescott, Az. now with only 25 miles on the car?
My car is a 1996 Toyota Camry, 4cyl., automatic. Check engine light came on, the code found was PO773. Took car to a transmission shop and they replaced (after doing a 2 hour check of engine and transmission) the solenoid shift sensor and wiring. The car ran and runs great before/after repair. The check engine light keeps coming back on (and remaining on ...
I have got a 95 Toyota Camry with about 48,000 miles on it. I have been losing a fair amount of coolant and the coolant in the radiator and coolant overflow tank (which has developed small holes in the top) looks rusty. But the engine has never actually overheated; the temp. gauge only gets up to about the middle. I've had the cooling system flushed or ...
HI! I have a "93 toyota camry & it has been driving fine until last week.At first I thought it was the leaky H2O hose but even though that has been replaced the cars still drives just as badly. The symptoms are:the engine skips,the engine which used to be quiet is now loud,there is a almond odor coming from the engine.There is not any smoke coming from the ...
I was recently offered the price of $22,999 for a 2007 G35 with 45K miles that is the premium pkg with navigation. I was also offered the incentive of either to finance at 2.9% @ 4years or 3.9% @ 5years (pending credit approval). However, the dealer told me I would have to pay about 1,600 to get the car certified to get the rate and that the certification ...
What is a Fan Clutch. The costs. Where to get parts.
I want to buy a used car but I am confused on which between a 2009 Ford Fiesta 1.4 Trend and a 2008 Toyota Auris 140 RT, it*s my first car.

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