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both cooling fans have stopped working. could this be a bad fuse or switch?
I hear a squeaky sound coming from the front right side of my car, like when i hit hills or a weight change in the car im not sure what it is. It sounds like an old squeaky ferris wheel that squeaks every time it turns. Do you know what if could be?
Hello. I am considering buying my first SUV. I was considering the Ford Escape XLS(Engine: 2.3L I4 16V MPFI DOHC) which is only front wheel drive or a Ford Escape XLT(Engine: 3.0L V6 24V MPFI DOHC) which has 4 wheel drive. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio where there are lots of hills and our winters can have some decently heavy snow and ice. I was wondering how ...
When I start my truck in the morning, a black carbon like substance comes out my exhaust, and it smells really rich, what is the cause of that?
Why is my transmission shifting hard into 2nd gear?
where do i need to put the feoron to reboost my AC, my radiator had to be replace and when they took the ac condenser off all feoron came out and, now even though I try to reboost it with the feoron my ac is still ot working. Was working before I hit a dog, my radiator had to be replaced and ac consender fixed, it was tested and working. Maybe i didnt do it ...
Can I use a 2000 ford explorer thermastat housing fo a 2004 ford explorer

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