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My honda accord 1994 automatic will not shift at times from first to second and now stalls at times also the speedometer is going crazy and the light around the dr4 when I put into drive is flashing too. Just put new ignition switch in. What could be the problem

Replaced relay switch for motor fan now check engine light is on, what does that mean

Hi, My battery would not start - my nephew put it on the charger - it only took 5 minutes - then it started right up - but I did not run it ( I know, duh!) He said it should take longer to start - it was @ 11 (out of 12) on the charger - is that ok?

Are both of my fans in my HONDA accord wagon 1995 supposes to turn on in order to keep the engine cooler

My heat is only at 1/4 power. Basically my driver side vent is the only one blowing hot air the others pretty much cold. I have no clue.

My Tacoma seems to be running fine with no apparent issues but the CEL came on so I took it to both Autozone, then to Oreily for reading codes. Both places showed only one code: P0402. I took it to my Toyota dealer, they had codes P0100,P0110, and P0402. They reset CEL and insisted that if light comes back on then the MAF sensor ($1100) needs replaced. ...

My check engine light came on along with the temperature gauge stopped operating.

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