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How much does a yaw sensor cost for this make and model vehicle?
I changed my steering rack and later did alignment. The mechanic opened the steering cover where the horn switch is to finally correct the alignment. after some time I realized that it was becoming very difficult to start my car any time I wanted to start it. Now the car cannot start at all. If you put the key in and turn, it will unlock the steer but the ...
I changed my spark plugs and my car started smoking from the tail pipe. It was as if it wasn't getting any power and cut off by itself. What is the problem?
In the past few weeks, the gauges on my instrument panel started doing an erratic full sweep to the right, then they seem to reset. At first I noticed it when I was driving, but now it's doing it when I start it up. Any suggestions would be helpful.
One day I went to back out of a parking spot, and my reverse gear would not engage. I went forward a bit, and then had a guy help me push it into the parking lot. I had all of my forward gears. I didn't notice unusual tacking in the low gears, however when I was about 50-60 mph, my tachometer would read 3000. When I let off the accelerator, it went down to ...
I have a 1997 Camry that had been in an accident and gone off the road on the passenger side. It makes a loud clunk noise on the front passenger side, sounding like a strut. I do not think it is a strut. But the bracket under the hood is twisted from the accident. Where is this sound coming from?
Where is the location of transmission dipstick on my Audi A6?

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