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What should I expect to pay for a new alternator.
Is anyone able to tell me the cargo dimensions in inches and how big the rear cargo door opening is on this make and model vehicle? I like what I'm hearing about the 30mpg eco-boost but I show dogs and need certain cargo dimensions to travel with their dog crates. Thanks.
I have seen all the different colors of oils. I am leaking or burning the engine oil. I don't see it on the ground or the manifold or any where. But every 3 months I have to put oil in the car. I have taken it to 3 diferent mechanics and they said they don't know. Please tell me where is my oil going?
My Toyota Celica wants to start but won't completely turn over. I have tried numerous things to get it working and nothing helps. What do you think?
My fuel pump just started to make a high pitched squealing noise. What might be the cause of this?
Whenever I'm driving my traction control light comes on. Sometimes it comes on and flickers for 2 minutes and sometimes it comes on and stays on for 4 minutes while driving. And other times it comes on sporadically. Does anyone know what might be the cause of this?
I saw a part of segment on Daytime show in East TN on 4/25/13. The spokesperson mentioned a free app that you can download to scan VIN numbers on vehicles to get it's background & value information. What was the name of that application for smartphones? Thanks, Michele

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