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Can a 1998 transmission fit a 2001

When the car was warming up in the cold this morning, I noticed steam coming through the vents.

How do I get my dashboard that shows your speed back to normal? I can’t get the iPhone screen off and back to seeing how fast I’m going

My car wouldn’t start. I replaced the battery and it started right up. I drove a mile to the store. Started the car to come home and the check engine light came on.

I've changed the fuel pump and it started the other day .and I tried to start it again yesterday and it only turned but wouldn't come on

Last summer my a/c quit working and I had compressor changed. About a year ago my battery went dead and to be jumped. Honda put in new battery. 3 weeks ago couldn't start car in the morning. Finally got it jumped..mechanic said everything checked out ok. Both times the car had not been running for 3 hrs and overnight the second time. I have heard it ...

What is the correct reading of transmission fluid on the dip stick when running for five to ten minutes should it be in between the two holes on dip stick

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