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I have no power to the trailer plug on my 2008 Gmc Acadia. The turning signals work but no running lights.
I plugged in a portable heater and now my 12 v port won't work on my 1999 Mitsubishi Galant. Is it possible that I blew a fuse? If so how do I find out where the fuse box is and which one is blown?
Windshield wipers came on while driving without any input from the driver. Trying to turn them off while driving does not work, the switch is still in the off position. Pulling off the road, turning off the car, apparently resets the wipers. The wipers will then come on again without any input at the switch.
I changed out the starter wire on my 1992 Chevy pickup. Because the end on the hot post to the starter was loose from the wire. after I changed it out it would not fire properly. I have changed the rotor button module and distributor cap, the starter and solenoid look like brand new. it is wired properly on the distributor cap with 165 432 it fires Hot and ...
2006 Blazer 4.2 Engine 138K miles. Using/Losing Oil No Leaks, No Smoke. Any idea where I should start looking for the problem?
I have a 2002 Toyota sequoia that has the vsc track off lights on and don't want to turn off I had the check engine light on but it went off I was going down a hill and it started beeping and they came on they told me it could be the gas cap I put it a new one but they still on how can I turn them off??? Thanks
Where is the upstream O2 sensor located on a Jaguar X-Type and how do I remove it?

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