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I just put in a new battery on my Toyota Camry. Now when my ac is on it acts like it wants to cut off. What is wrong and how do i fix it?
So my dad bought me a Mitsubishi Eclipes as my first car, I love everything about it besides when I start it. When I turn the key in the ignition (on or off) my horn beeps once. It's really embarrassing please help me. ~Ashley
How do you repair 1997 Honda CRV crank sensor?
Do you know how much I would have to pay to get my Jeep Cherokee register in my name? Alice Tate
When I stop at a light my Honda Accord wants to turn off the rpm get low.
My son drives a 1999 Dodge Stratus and I just got it fixed. He needed a new fuel pump. The repair shop fixed it, but now, two weeks later, he called and said his car started smoking and his check engine light came on. Could this be a problem related to the fuel pump fix, or does this sound like something different. Please help!
My battery light is on and I've changed the battery and the alternator twice.. I brought my Dodge Durango to a mechanic and he says the alternator is bad but I have changed the alternator TWICE in a week of time and my truck is still doing the same thing...I could only go so far before the truck kills on me and when its about to kill everything on the dash ...

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