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I have a 04 Hyundai Elantra that squeals when turning the wheel when parked have replaced pump still doesn't it has anybody experienced this before
My oil change light came on but I just got a oil change and it smells like hot stream
I have a dodge neon I was driving it one day and the tyranny didn't want to shift into gear so I eventually got it to go into gear got it home diagnosed the problem and it stated tyranny 3rd gear issues so I was going home and the car started to overheat so I pulled over and I looked underneath because fluid was coming out and it was tyranny fluid mixed in ...
I have a 2006 Honda acorrd that has been overheating while driving I replaced the thermostat an is still overheating I seen some water dripping from what I think is the heating control valve but not sure what the problem is I'll apreciate any help thank you
I just bought a car that has been sitting for a year. I open the radiator and the fluid is a brown color. I have roughly 20 miles to drive. Will this hurt the engine? Or should I get it towed? The heat works. I ran the engine for about an hour before realizing about the brown in the radiator. I don't want to drive it if I'm going to damage. So my question ...
My car keeps on overheating I bought a radiator fan and a new temperature gauge it's still continues to overheat now my car won't go into gear at times and if it does go into gear it makes a loud cracking noise and when I step on the gas my battery light which is new comes on my brake light comes on and all four of My Door and my trunk light comes on as if ...
I have a 2000 civic si. The other day on the way to work the car was driving fine, then i could not shift into any gear while the car was running. turned the car off and it could shift fine. started the car again and it wouldnt go in gear. got the towed to my house, go to check to see if the clutch is disengaging by starting the car in gear, car slightly ...

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