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Turning signals don't work but bulb are good and flasher work
I have a valve noise with a cold start when it warms up it goes away what is the cause of this? what are possible fixes?
Weekday is causing temperature to drop when driving my 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. While idling it maintained temp around 210 once you start driving the temp slowly starting to drop. I have already changed coolant temperature sensor.
If I want to keep my mechanical fuel pump will a newer engine that is fuel injected have the spot for the mechanical pump to work or will I have to convert to an electric?
I have a 04 Hyundai Elantra that squeals when turning the wheel when parked have replaced pump still doesn't it has anybody experienced this before
My oil change light came on but I just got a oil change and it smells like hot stream
I have a dodge neon I was driving it one day and the tyranny didn't want to shift into gear so I eventually got it to go into gear got it home diagnosed the problem and it stated tyranny 3rd gear issues so I was going home and the car started to overheat so I pulled over and I looked underneath because fluid was coming out and it was tyranny fluid mixed in ...

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