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I have a line hanging under my car. Its in the back on the passenger side. Its old and it rotted off a cylinder part. The line looks like a vac line, it has a "t" that's supposed to be connected to both sides of the cylinder piece.. The side that's not rotted looks to be connected to the frame itself... Can you tell me what the cylinder part is and does it ...
Hi, one day I drove home from work and everything was fine with my car it was running good, and I was getting back in the car a few hours later to go somewhere and my car wouldn't crank.. I mean it turned over, just wouldn't carry through!! I checked the oil and there was no oil at all in there, so I got some and put oil in there, but my car still won't ...
Hello I'm aaking about my dodge 2012 avenger.well had a half tank of gas before bed timewoke up for work gas light on put more drove a mile gas light on again whatwhat's the please
I need to know how to remove the tail assembly to replace the brake light bulb.
I want to know if there is any advantage to buying this p articular SUV with or without a tow package. We have no intention of towing. My husband thinks that there is increased safety especially from rear-end collisions and possibly increased stability, better radiator with a tow package. We want to know fi this is story telling or has some basis in ...
The car is making noise funny noise not cracking noise but ? Give me some noise issues to choose from n I can pin one of them to the sound
Why does the 2012 Chrysler 200 have 2 thermostats?

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